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Beach and dogs in Hobe Sound

By Dana O’Hara Smith 01-02-2020

Wondering what to do on a beautiful day in Hobe Sound? Since the area is surrounded by protected nature preserves, it comes naturally that the most fun things to do are outside. Here is a list of 12 Fun Things to Do in Hobe Sound that are off the beaten path. If you like to take walks, kayak, bike ride or find new places to take your dog, or if you are feeling adventurous, you are in the right spot-!

Peck Lake Park



Peck Lake Park is located in Hobe Sound, just east of Gomez Avenue. This little gem of a park has a raised boardwalk through a mangrove preserve, that leads to a covered pavilion on the Intracoastal Waterway. The walk takes about 15 minutes.  This park has covered picnic tables, restrooms and is dog-friendly and is free to the public. This is my top pick for 12 fun things to do in  Hobe Sound.

Seabranch Preserve State Park


Seabranch Preserve is located in Stuart, and is  great for walking and biking and has over six miles of hiking trails. There are 2 entrances, with the west entrance on A1A, and the east entrance off of Gomez accessible by bike or walking only.

There are both sand trails and a beautiful 1.7 mile paved path which is part of the East Coast Greenway (the Greenway trail starts in Key West and goes all the way to Jacksonville). The paved path is smooth and is ideal for walking, biking and or wheelchairs. There are also dirt walking trails that loop through the nature preserve.  Its a safe place to walk your dogs with out traffic.

The area is full of of gopher tortoise-!

Cove Road Kayak loop

Cove Road Park is a perfect place to launch a kayak or SUP, and is directly on the Intracoastal. Take Cove Road east, and launch from here.

From here, launch your kayak, and paddle over to the St Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park.

It’s best to do this at high tide, (therefore your boat won’t get stuck!) This paddle will take you through mangrove estuaries, and also you will find a secluded beach access. Typically there are very few people and you have the entire beach to yourselves!

There are 2 areas for beach access, one has a wooden boardwalk, and the other (only visible on google maps) is a sandy crossing.

Don’t forget to pack a lunch and wear your bathing suit! The map is here:


Gomez Preserve Nature Trail

Gomez Preserve is definitely one of the lesser-known parks in Martin County.

Not even the locals know about this park!

It’s very small,  and is a fabulous place to take a dog walk. This park is located on the southeast corner of Seabranch Preserve State Park. Here is how to find it on the map. This park opened in 2018 and is part of the East Coast Greenway.

There is no parking on site but you can ride a bike or walk there.

Hobe Sound Nature Center sea turtle walks

If you want to do a Sea Turtle Night Walk during the months of May through July, you can sign up here:

The spots for turtle walks fill up FAST!!!

Sign up within the first week of April to save your space. There is a suggested donation of $5.

The walk takes place at Hobe Sound Public Beach. Make sure to wear light but long-sleeved pants and shirts to keep the mosquitoes away!

The Hobe Sound Nature Center offers summer school programs, and several environmental educational programs, and has beach access on the Intracoastal. Dogs are welcome to the beach if they are leashed.

Club Scrub at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

There is so much to do and so much to explore in Jonathan Dickinson State Park,  which is the largest state park in SW Florida.

There are several bike, hiking and paddling trails as well as overnight camping.

If you just want to have a quick bite, there are 2 concession stands that are open on weekends only. One is located  on the Loxahatchee River and the other is located at the Mountain Bike area at Camp Murphy.

The best thing is to go directly to the park link and plan your visit. There is an entrance fee.

Jonathan Dickinson Park houses the Camp Murphy mountain biking trails, which were made by the Club Scrub volunteers.  If you like to mountain bike, (or even if you  have never done it before), you will find an amazing and sophisticated series of 9 miles of dirt bike riding trails for all skill levels.

Club Scrub is a committee of the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, and is its own entity and is funded by its members. It is one of the more robust social clubs in the area, and is very family oriented and has ongoing events throughout the year.

Bikes are available to rent on site on weekends only.(Or you can rent bikes at Village Bike noted below). Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

Even if you dont ride bikes, treat yourself to a tasty lunch  and a beer at the concession stand at Camp Murphy, and just watch the bikers FLY off the top of Bunker Hill. This is truly a unique dining experience!


Halpatiokee Regional Park

Halpatiokee Regional Park is located in Stuart and is the largest park in Martin County with 65 acres of park, ball fields, tennis, mountain biking trails and walking trails.

The area is surrounded by lakes and is a local favorite place to walk your dogs.

There are several mountain biking trails (not well marked, but fun none the less!).

This is one of the more beautiful parks with lots of tall trees and shady areas. You will want to have a camera as you stroll through this park with stunning lakes and scenery.

I would suggest you keep your dogs on a leash and even though many folks let their dogs swim in the lakes (I would not recommend it). After all, Halpatiokee translates to “alligator water” according to the Muskogee translation. – https://www.martin.fl.us/Halpatiokee

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Loggerhead Marine Life Center-   is located in Juno Beach, just south of Jupiter east of US Hwy 1.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center is focused on turtle conservation, and has a sea turtle hospital and even has a sea turtle ambulance!

This is fun for all ages. There is a little turtle science museum and plenty of outdoor tanks where you can meet the turtles. This is great for all family members and entrance fees for a donation.

Here is a preview.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Jupiter and its mission is to rescue, rehab, release and educate.

This is a wonderful spot for kids and animal lovers.  If you have some spare time and want to wander the wildlife sanctuary, you can see bobcats, marsh rabbits, owls, deer, otters, foxes, alligators, bears, and Florida Panthers if you are lucky!

They offer educational programs throughout the day. If you find injured wildlife, this is the place to go.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks Preserve is located on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound, and has the largest limestone outcropping in the state of Florida. It is owned by the Nature Conservancy.

It’s best to go at high tide on a super windy and blustery day to see the maximum “Splash”.

On quieter days, it’s a great place to snorkel off the beach on the white sand.

Village Bike and Paddle

Village Bike and Paddle is located in Hobe Sound and is your one-stop bike shop.

They offer a selection of bikes that include road bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes, as well as stand up paddleboards.

If you have never tried an electric bike you can take one for a test drive!!

Take a bike ride through Zeus Park, or down to Hobe Sound Beach, or even ride all the way to the Hobe Sound Natural Wildlife Refuge. Hobe Sound has plenty of places to ride bikes.

After a bike ride stop in for lunch at Harry and the Natives or Flash Beach Grille for a bite to eat.

Village Bike and Paddle also offers International biking tours. Check the website for dates and locations.

Whether you are an avid biker (or not) most countries nowadays have electric bikes and its an entirely new way to travel!

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

https://www.floridaocean.org/ Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is located in Stuart near Jensen Beach.

Have you ever petted a baby stingray, or held a sea star?

This place has a magnificent central lagoon that houses game fish and also has outstanding educational programs including a summer school program. Entrance fees do apply.

12 Fun things to do in Hobe Sound


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